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Have you ever been awakened at 2 in the morning by the Holy Spirit?  It can be a scary feeling, as well as an awesome one.  I have been blessed with bathese rare, but beautiful pray dates with God when, sweetly and gently, I am awakened by the Holy Spirit to spend some quality time with God.  There is no phone ringing, no television going, no dinner to make, no bath to give…..just me and my God.  What a beautiful feeling.

These are the moments when I can truly talk to God, to express my hurt, my pain, my concerns, my gratefulness, my thanks and to give Him praise.  This is when I have rested, so I can give Him my best and can have that truly intimate relationship with Him.

During this time I experience the beauty of interceding for others, when names are placed in my heart with a burning desire to pray.  He never tells me why, He never tells me the circumstance, He just says, "Pray."  There’s no format to my prayer, there are no time limits.  It may be the Rosary, it may be the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, it may be a spontaneous prayer or songs of praise and worship.  Whatever be the format, however long the time,  I always try to obey, because I never know the day someone will stand in the gap for me.

A prayer time is important.  It is the cornerstone of my faith journey.  I write my blog on my website, I share on my Facebook page, I use my newsletters to E-vangelize.  But if I am not filled by the Holy Spirit, if I don’t have these personal moments with God, how can He use me?

He may not be calling you at two, He may call you at noon, He may call you at six, He may call you at a quarter past….!  No matter the day, no matter the time, Jesus is calling you. 

Stop and take the time to pray.

Daily Meditation by
2013 Don Schwager


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