*** If the Character appears in the previous chapter they may not be repeated in the next chapter ***




Adam - The First Man
Eve - Our First Mother Satan Cain - First Human Child to be Born Abel - First Martyr in the Bible
Seth - The third son of Adam, and father of Enos. Enos Cainan - son of Enos Mahalaleel - son of Cainan
Jared - a descendant of Seth Enoch - "Enoch walked faithfully with God," Methuseleh - The Oldest Man Who Ever Lived Lamech - Father of Noah Noah - Son of Lamech
Shem - Son of Noah Ham - Son of Noah Japheth - Son of Noah Nimrod - A mighty hunter Cannan - Son of Ham
Terah - Father of Abraham Abraham - A successful and prosperous rancher and shepherd Lot - The son of Haran Sarah - Wife of Abraham and Mother of the Jewish Nation Pharaoh - Egyptian God-King
King of Sodom Melchizedek - King of Salem, priest of God Most High. Hagar - A handmaid of Sarah Angel Ishmael - Son of Abraham
Isaac - Son of Abraham Moab - Son of Lot Benjamin - Son of Lot Abimelech - Father of the King Sons of Heth
Ephron - Son of Zohar Servant Bethuel- Son of Nahor, father of Rebekah Laban - Son of Bethuel & brother of Rebekah Keturah - concubine of Abraham
 Zimram Jokshau Medan - Son of Abraham and Keturah Midian - Son of Abraham and Keturah Ishbak - Son of Abraham and Keturah
Shuah - Son of Abraham by his wife, or concubine Ishmael - Son of Abraham Esau - Eldest of twin sons born to Isaac and Rebekah Jacob - Father of the 12 Tribes of Israel Rebekah - Wife of Isaac
Ahuzzath - A friend of Abimelech Phichol - Chief captain of the Philistines Judith - A wife of Esau
Mahalath - daughter of Ishmael  Rachel  Jobab - Son of Joktan  Leah - Daughter of Laban 
Reuben - Son of Jacob   Levi - Son of Jacob  Judah - Son of Jacob  Rachael
Joseph - Interpreter of Dreams  Dinah - Daughter of Jacob and Leah 

Hamor - Father of Shechem

Simeon - Son of Jacob 
Deborah - Nurse to Rebecca  Bilhah - Rachel's servant  Benjamin -  Son of Jacob by Rachel  Potiphar - An officer of Pharaoh. Joseph's master   Hirah - An Adullamite
Er - Son of Judah  Onen  Tamar - Wife of the sons of Judah  Potiphar’s wife   Butler - Pharaoh's, imprisoned and released
Baker - Pharaoh's chief baker   Asenath - Wife of Joseph  Manasseh - Son of Joseph and Asenath Ephriam  Elon - Father-in-law of Esau 
    Shammah - Son of Reuel     
Shiprah Puah - A Hebrew midwife Moses - Giver of the Law Reuel
Zipporah - Wife of Moses Jethro - A priest of Midian Aaron - First High Priest of Isreal Miriam- Sister of Moses
Joshua - Son of Nun Hur - A son of Caleb Gershom - Son of Moses Eliezer - Abraham's servant
Nadab - Son of Aaron Abihu - Son of Aaron Eleazar Ithmar - Son of Aaron
Bezaleel - A divinely inspired mechanic and master workman
Aholiab - An artificer of the tabernacle Ithamar Jochebed – Mother of Moses Phinehas - High priest

Elkanah - Grandson of Korah

    Pharaoh - Profile of the Pharaoh Who Opposed Moses    
Nadab - Son of Aaron Abihu - Son of Aaron Eleazer Michael - An Asherite Elzaphan
Eldad - Prophesies in the camp of the Israelites. Medad - One of the seventy elders who prophesied in the camp. Joshua - A Faithful Follower of God Caleb - A Man Who Followed the Lord Wholeheartedly Korah - A son of Esau
Dathan - A conspirator against Moses Abriam Arad Sihon - King of the Amorites Og - King of Bashan.
Balak - King of Moab Angel of Jehovah Balaam - Son of Beor. Zimri -  A chief of Simeon Phinehas - High priest
Cozbi - Daughter of Zur. Tola -  Son of Issachar Elon - A son of Zebulun    
Peter the Apostle - The Pebble that Became the Rock. Andrew the Apostle - Fisherman &  Brother of Peter James the Apostle - A Fisherman and Brother of John John the Apostle - 'The Disciple Jesus Loved'  
Philip the Apostle - Seeker of the Messiah Nathanael - The True Israelite Matthew - Tax Collector and Apostle Thomas - The Apostle Known as Doubting Thomas  
James the Less - Obscure Apostle Simon the Zealot - Mystery Apostle Thaddeus - The Apostle With Four Names    
Elizabeth - The Mother of John   Zechariah - The Father of John The Baptist   John the Baptist - The Greatest Man to Ever Live
Pontius Pilate - Governor of Judea   Luke – Gospel Writer and Physician    
Great Men and Women of the Bible - The People of The Laws    


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