Key Thought: Number of Chapters:

Key Verse:

Son of Man


Luke 19:10

Christ seen as:

Writer of the Book:



Perfect Son of Man


A. D. 63–68

Conclusion of the Book:

Jesus is the Ideal Man, the human-divine One, who came to seek and to save that which was lost.


Gospel of Luke:


The book of Luke was written to give a reliable and precise record of the history of Jesus Christ's life. Luke spelled out his purpose for writing in the first four verses of chapter one. Not only as an historian, but also as a medical doctor, Luke paid great attention to detail, including dates and events that happened throughout the life of Christ. A theme that is emphasized in the Gospel of Luke is the humanity of Jesus Christ and his perfection as a human. Jesus was the perfect man who gave the perfect sacrifice for sin, therefore, providing the perfect Saviour for humankind.

Author of the Gospel of Luke:

Luke is the author of this Gospel. He is a Greek and the only Gentile Christian writer of the New Testament. The language of Luke reveals that he is an educated man. We learn in Colossians 4:14 that he is a physician. In this book Luke refers many times to sicknesses and diagnoses. Being a Greek and a doctor would explain his scientific and orderly approach to the book, giving great attention to detail in his accounts.


Luke was a faithful friend and travel companion of Paul.


He wrote the book of Acts as a sequel to the Gospel of Luke. Some discredit Luke's Gospel because he was not one of the 12 disciples. However, Luke had access to historical records. He carefully researched and interviewed the disciples and others who were eyewitnesses to the life of Christ.


Written To:

The Gospel of Luke was written to Theophilus, meaning "the one who loves God." Historians are not sure who this Theophilus (mentioned in Luke 1:3) was, although most likely, he was a Roman with an intense interest in the newly forming Christian religion. 
Luke may also have been writing in general to those who loved God. The book is written to the Gentiles as well, and all people everywhere.

Landscape of the Gospel of Luke:

Luke wrote the Gospel in Rome or possibly in Caesarea. Settings in the book include Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Judea and Galilee.

Themes in the Gospel of Luke:


The predominant theme in the book of Luke is the perfect humanity of Jesus Christ. The Saviour entered human history as the perfect man. He himself offered the perfect sacrifice for sin, therefore, providing the perfect Saviour for humankind.


Luke is careful to give a detailed and accurate record of his investigation so that readers can trust with certainty that Jesus is God.


Luke also portrays Jesus' profound interest in people and relationships. He was compassionate to the poor, the sick, the hurting and the sinful. He loved and embraced everyone. Our God became flesh to identify with us, and to show us his genuine love. Only this perfect love can satisfy our deepest need.


Luke's Gospel gives special emphasis to prayer, miracles and angels as well. Interesting to note, women are given an important place in Luke's writings.


Key Characters in the Gospel of Luke:

Jesus, Zechariah, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Mary, the disciples, Herod the Great, Pilate and Mary Magdalene.

Key Verses:


Luke 9:23-25
Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it. What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self? (NIV)


Luke 19:9-10
Jesus said to him, "Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham. For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost." (NIV)


Outline of the Gospel of Mark:


    • The Birth and Preparation of Jesus the Saviour - Luke 1:1-4:13
    • The Message and Ministry of Jesus the Saviour - Luke 4:14-21:38
    • The Death and Resurrection of Jesus the Saviour - Luke 22:1-24:53

Chapter 1

(Site under Construction - link will to each chapter will be added daily/weekly)

Luke 1:1-4 Prologue
Luke 1:5-4-23 Birth of Baptist foretold 
Luke 1:26-38 Birth of Jesus foretold 
Luke 1:39-45 Mary visits Elizabeth 
Luke 1:46-55 Mary's song 
Luke 1:57-66 John the Baptist's birth 
Luke 1:67-80 Zechariah's song 

Chapter 2

Luke 2:1-20 The Birth of Jesus 
Luke2:21 He was named Jesus 
Luke 2:22-35 Simeon's prophecy 
Luke 2:36-40 Anna the prophetess 
Luke 2:41-52 Boy Jesus at Temple

Chapter 3

Luke 3:1-6 John the Baptist preaches
Luke 3:7-20 Summons to repentance
Luke3:21-22 Jesus' baptism 
Luke3:23-38 Jesus' genealogy

Chapter 4

Luke 4:1-13 Jesus' temptation 
Luke 4:14-22 Jesus in Galilee
Luke 4:23-30 Rejected at Nazareth 
Luke 4:31-37 Boy freed of demon
Luke 4:38-44 Jesus heals many

Chapter 5

Luke 5:1-11 The first disciples
Luke 5:12-16 Jesus heals the leper 
Luke 5:17-26 A lame man healed 
Luke 5:27-32 Jesus calls Levi 
Luke 5:33-39 Jesus questioned 

Chapter 6

Luke 6:1-5 Lord of the Sabbath
Luke 6:6-11 Shrivelled hand healed
Luke 6:12-19 The Twelve Apostles 
Luke 6:20-26 The beatitudes 
Luke 6:27-38 Love for enemies 
Luke 6:39-42 Parable of the blind
Luke 6:43-45 A tree and its fruits
Luke 6:46-49 A foolish builder

Chapter 7

Luke 7:1-10 The Centurion's faith 
Luke 7:11-17 Widow's son restored 
Luke 7:18-30 Jesus & the Baptist
Luke 7:31-35 The sulking children 
Luke 7:36-50 A Sinner's love

Chapter 8

Luke 8:1-3 Women who served Jesus
Luke 8:4-15 Parable of the sower
Luke 8:16-18 Parable of the lamp 
Luke 8:19-21 True kinship
Luke 8:22-25 Jesus calms the sea
Luke 8:26-39 Possessed man freed

Chapter 9

Luke 9:1-6 Sending of the Twelve 
Luke 9:7-9 Herod's perplexion
Luke 9:10-17 Jesus Feeds 5000 
Luke 9:18-22 Peter recognizes Christ
Luke 9:23-27 True discipleship
Luke 9:28-36 Jesus transfigured
Luke 9:37-43 A boy delivered 
Luke 9:43-45 Crucifixion foretold
Luke 9:46-50 True greatness 
Luke 9:51-56 Samaritan opposition 
Luke 9:57-62 Counting the cost

Chapter 10

Luke 10:1-12 Seventy-two sent
Luke 10:13-16 Gospel rejected
Luke 10:17-24 Satan's downfall
Luke10:25-37 A Good Samaritan 
Luke 10:38-42 The better portion

Chapter 11

Luke 11:1-4 Teach us to pray 
Luke11:5-14 Ask and receive 
Luke 11:15-26 Malicious slander 
Luke 11:27-28 Truly blessed 
Luke 11:29-32 Sign of Jonah 
Luke 11:33-36 A darkened heart 
Luke 11:37-41 Give to the poor 
Luke 11:42-46 Sins of legalists
Luke 11:47-54 Legalism exposed 

Chapter 12

Luke 12:1-7 Fear not 
Luke 12:8-12 The unpardonable sin 
Luke 12:13-21 The rich fool 
Luke 12:22-34 Do not worry 
Luke 12:35-38 Be prepared! 
Luke 12:39-48 Thief in the night! 
Luke 12:49-53 Fire and division! 
Luke 12:54-59 Sign of the times

Chapter 13

Luke 13:1-9 Suffering and sin 
Luke 13:10-17 A crippled healed 
Luke 13:18-21 Mustard seed parable 
Luke 13:22-30 Risk being shut out 
Luke 13:31-35 Averting disaster 

Chapter 14

Luke 14:1-6 Healing on the Sabbath
Luke 14:7-11 Seeking place of honor 
Luke 14:12-14 The invitation list 
Luke 14:15-24 The great banquet 
Luke 14:25-33 Cost of discipleship 
Luke 14:34-35 The discarded salt

Chapter 15

Luke 15:1-10 Parable of lost & found 
Luke 15:11-32 Lost son restored

Chapter 16

Luke 16:1-8 The dishonest manager 
Luke 16:9-15 Some shrewd advice 
Luke 16:16-18 God's unchangeable law 
Luke 16:19-31 A rich man & Lazarus

Chapter 17

Luke 17:1-6 Causing others to stumble
Luke 17:7-10 Doing one's duty 
Luke 17:11-19 Ten lepers healed 
Luke 17:20-25 Signs of his coming 
Luke 17:26-37 The second coming

Chapter 18

Luke 18:1-8 The persistent widow 
Luke 18:9-14 Pharisee & Tax collector 
Luke 18:15-17 The children and Jesus 
Luke 18:18-30 The rich young ruler 
Luke 18:35-43 A blind beggar sees

Chapter 19

Luke 19: 1-10 Jesus visits Zacchaeus 
Luke 19: 11-27 A money parable
Luke 19:28-40 The triumphal entry
Luke 19:41-44 Jesus wept 
Luke 19:45-48 Jesus at the Temple

Chapter 20

Luke 20:1-18 Parable of vineyard 
Luke 20:19-26 Caesar and God 
Luke 20:27-40 Sons of resurrection 
Luke 20:41-47 Jesus' warnings

Chapter 21

Luke 21:1-4  The precious gift 
Luke 21:5-11 End time signs
Luke 21:12-19 Tidings of trouble 
Luke 21:20-28 The second coming 
Luke 21:29-33 Parable of fig tree 
Luke 21:34-38 Watch at all times!

Chapter 22

Luke 22:1-13  Betrayal at Passover 
Luke 22:14-23  Last Supper 
Luke 22:24-30 Disciples' strife 
Luke 22:31-46 Prayer & temptation 
Luke 22:47-54 Jesus' arrested 
Luke 22:54-71 Peter disowns Jesus

Chapter 23

Luke 23:1-25 Jesus' trial 
Luke 23:26-31 Road to Calvary 
Luke 23:32-43 Crucified as King 
Luke 23:44-49 Jesus' death 
Luke 23:50-56 Jesus' burial

Chapter 24

Luke 24:1-12 He has risen! 
Luke 24:13-35 On road to Emmaus
Luke 24:35-46 Jesus appears 
Luke 24:46-53 The ascension
Daily Meditation by(c) 2013 Don Schwager
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