The Catholic Church makes it’s own the words of St. Jerome, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.”  Furthermore, it teaches that the Bible is the “soul of theology.” 


The goal of the Bible Study Ministry is to encounter the Word who is God in the Word of God, so that those who participate in our programs will surrender to Jesus with the profound conviction of totus tuus, that is, “totally yours.”  Although our emphasis is on Sacred Scripture, explorations are also made into the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the history of the Church.  The classes, seminars, conferences and retreats are directed to teens and adults of all ages.  Any interested person is welcome regardless of their position in life’s journey.

The Bible in 52 Weeks
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The Baptism Preparation Ministry informs parents and godparents of children that are to be baptized of the theological, parental and community aspects of the Sacrament of Baptism.

Ministers are encouraged to be a witness to their faith and family traditions, to share experiences in raising children and godchildren in the faith and to provide guidance for choosing godparents.

To initiate the baptismal preparation process, one parent must attend a half-hour, one-on-one Orientation with a member of the baptismal preparation team on set date and time.

The orientation process provides an opportunity to determine the best way to assist parents with their child’s faith journey, as well as to review the diocesan policy for baptisms, qualifications for godparents, and required documentation from parents.
Both parents and godparents must attend baptismal preparation.

What Are We About? 

We walk with parents in making the decision to baptize their child, in reflecting on what baptism means, in preparing for the liturgy, and in developing a supportive, ongoing connection to parish life. 

Baptism Preparation is crucial to the development of the parish and the growth of the Church. It is not just a time for recording parish information about new families coming to the parish, although this is important. Baptism is a unique time for forging a bond between the individual, the family and the Christian community. Moreover, when done properly, this is a time for deepening the faith commitment of the parents so they can step up as role models for their children. 

What Do We Do?

We welcome inquirers about Baptism, exchange needed information with them about parish and diocesan procedures, record official information, schedule and administer preparation sessions, celebrate the sacrament of Baptism with the family, and work with them in their faith development after the Baptism. To accomplish these key tasks, we work with staff personnel and other parish ministries. 

Baptism Preparation Meetings for parents are held the last Tuesday of the month in Meeting Room in the lower level of the Church. This session is led by the Baptism Team and covers the theology of Baptism, symbols of Baptism, the role of godparents, what it means to raise children in the faith, and an overview of the Baptism rite. 

Want to be Part of the Baptism Ministry Team?

We need people to welcome parents, relay information, and lead Baptism preparation classes. The teams need catechists, hospitality providers, and, in some cases, child care providers. We always need helpers who are flexible in meeting the needs of the parents, and yet able to move the sacramental rite through with dignity and care. 

Finally, in the post-baptismal process, the Religious Education Director and the Baptismal Team need the help of the parish at-large to develop programs that will connect with young parents and keep them actively involved in parish life. 

What is Time Commitment? 

Time commitment varies depending on the minister’s role. Ideally, a team member will attend one parent preparation meeting per month and one baptismal ceremony every six weeks. 

Volunteer Opportunities for Baptism Preparation

The Baptism Preparation Class Ministry is open to individuals and married couples that wish to share their time & talent in a rewarding manner.

The Baptism Preparation Class ministry informs parents and godparents of children that are to be baptized of the theological, parental, and community aspects of the celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism in the Catholic Church.

Ministers are encouraged to witness to their faith and family traditions, to share experiences in raising children and in raising children and godchildren in the Faith, and to provide guidance for choosing godparents. If you feel called to share your time and talent in this rewarding ministry please contact your Parish Office


  • Be a representative of your parish faith community to a group of parents and godparents.
  • Facilitate scheduled Baptism preparation class sessions as assigned.
  • Share your faith journey as a witness to your Catholic faith.


  • Comfortable speaking to a group of adults.
  • Be a good listener, hospitable and able to relate to others.
  • Ability to learn and express the theology of Sacraments and share your own faith journey.
  • Strive to maintain an active prayer life.

Time Commitment:

  • Approximately 2 hours of every month.


  • Be in full communion with the Church.
  • Be open, flexible and dependable.
Why: To provide the parents with the tools and community support to raise their children in the Catholic faith.


  • The Rite of Baptism and the meaning of it’s signs and symbols
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Parents, Godparents, and the Church.
  • Spiritual planning for the family
  • Quarterly casual get together with other parents & mentors for fellowship, sharing and support.

Prayer for Baptism Preparation Ministry

“Go therefore, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...”
Matthew 28:18-20



Want to share of your family’s experience with Baptism?

Potential facilitators are asked to initially observe or participate in one of the Baptism Preparation classes.   Once they have done this, they meet with the Family Life Coordinator to go over the program in more detail or attend a group session led by one of the trained facilitating couples who will go through the facilitator’s manual. New facilitators will be paired with a more experienced couple for their first class.

We ask that all facilitators be baptized Christians, one of whom should be Catholic and practicing their faith. There are opportunities for all of the facilitators to gather during the year for more spiritual enrichment and social events.

Baptism classes are scheduled as a one time, three hour class. Facilitators are asked to arrive prior to the beginning of class to finish preparing the room.

Baptism welcomes and connects us to the family of God, a world-wide community of disciples of all ages and races. During a Baptism the whole congregation makes promises to support the one being Baptized.

Mentor couples will have the ability to empower and impact the call to faith and discipleship in the new family at it’s inception and for future generations.

Please join us in this amazing ministry. If you would like more information about this ministry or becoming a mentor couple please contact your parish office.
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