To Our Youth

The Catholic Youth Ministry (CYM) is a very important arm in every parish.  It provides a very comprehensive youth ministry program, which provides opportunities for youth to grow in faith and understand our Catholic Church from their level.  The activities of the CYM are often times the first opportunity for a young person to become more actively involved in their parish life.  CYM must challenge our youth to demonstrate the behaviour of Jesus Christ.  Research has shown that youths that play an active role in their church community are more likely to be a more rounded, well develop, happier and healthier adult.

To Our Parents

Parents/guardians, are strongly encouraged to help their children reasonably assess the benefits of participation in their CYM program, in light of their child’s other activities.  Regardless of which school, a youth attends, we encourage them to be active in their parish communities by attending Mass each week, participating in Parish-based activities, outreach ministries and performing acts of charity through the other varies parish ministries.

To Our Facilitators

Whether we participate in athletic or academic activities, all activities are Catholic base.  Therefore, it is essential that our facilitators continue to be witnesses of faith and prayer and that service continue to be a part of our ministry with our youth.  Let us remember that we are Jesus’ hands, mouths, eyes and hearts reaching out to youth and encouraging them to make healthy choices.

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