Tell the people everything about this life. 

“Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall declare your praise.”

As we recall year by year the mysteries
by which, through the restoration of its original dignity,
human nature has received the hope of rising again,
we earnestly beseech your mercy, Lord,
that what we celebrate in faith
we may possess in unending love.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. 

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Daily Meditation: 

Tell the people everything about this life. Acts 5

God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son,
so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal 
life. John 3:16

Jesus tells Nicodemus and us that if we believe in him we will have eternal life.

The world around us prefers darkness to the Light. We choose the life and its life.
We can reflect today on how we can better shun the darkness and
"come to the light," in concrete ways in our life.
With the resurrection, we have new hope, and we live blessed by his mercy.
We are the poor whose cry he has heard. 
And, in our joy we share this good news with those suffering in the darkness.

The Lord hears the cry of the poor. Psalm 43:7


By the gift of the Father, the risen Christ was seen by the apostles. Let us pray to the Father, and say:

Give us, Lord, the glory of your Son.

Father of lights, today we offer you our thanks and praise for calling us into your marvelous light,
- to receive your mercy.

May the efforts of mankind to make the world more human,
- be purified and strengthened by the power of your Spirit.

May we be so dedicated to the service of others,
- that the whole human family may become a pleasing sacrifice in your honor.

At the dawn of a new day, fill us with your mercy,
- that the whole day may be a day of joy and praise..  

Closing Prayer: 

God of Light, you came to share your presence 
and call us into the light of the world.

With your grace, we can restore the dignity of our human nature;
By following your light we will possess 
an unending love for the poor.
We have been called to take our place as your followers
and tell people everything about this life -- 
a life calling us to dedicate ourselves 
to the service of others.

May the Lord bless us, 
protect us from all evil 
and bring us to everlasting life. 

Daily Reflection
Of Creighton University's Online Ministries

In the gospel today, we hear strong words, “People preferred darkness to light because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come toward the light, so that his works might not be exposed. But whoever lives the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be clearly seen as done in God.” Without any interpretation, the meaning of these sentences is crystal clear. The doing of evil results from loving and choosing the darkness, while the doing of good deeds leads one to come into the light.

We know pretty well the common evil doings such as dishonesty, robbery, and murder; and we do not do those. Does it mean that we are already in the light? Yes, but perhaps there is part of our life still dwelling in darkness. To me, it is usually being revealed by the good deeds and inspiring words of others. I recently read an article in National Geographic, “Too Good to Waste: How ugly food can help feed the planet”. The article tells the fact that we squander around 2.9 trillion pounds of food globally every year. This much of food is enough to feed nearly 800 million people worldwide suffering from hunger, more than twice over. In developed countries, wasting food generally happens during picking and sorting – only the best appearance goes to markets – and wasting also occurs once the food is purchased by consumers – they are uneaten and discarded at homes.

Pope Francis said, in one of his weekly audiences in 2013, that “Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry.” I agree! Since it is considered stealing, wasting food can be classified as an evil doing, too. I never waste any food once it is on my plate. I eat it. However, as I ponder more, I remember that sometimes I keep leftovers in the fridge; and unfortunately I forget to re-heat and eat them later. After sometime they go bad and I throw them away because I do not want to get sick. Therefore, there is actually part of my daily life which is dwelling in darkness.

Being in the light as the gospel says today does not mean that one lives in the light, basking in the blessedness of such a situation. Instead, being in the light is a commitment. The gospel reminds us that ongoing commitment to good deeds is required to become more deeply involved in the light and to be part of the ongoing revelation of the light: “That it may be clearly seen that their deeds have been done in God.” I consciously have chosen to keep the leftovers, but I lack self-discipline and commitment, i.e. to remember and keep track the leftovers that I have stored in the fridge so that I would not forget to consume them before they become spoiled.

I believe there are still some areas in my life and in our life that are still in darkness. It happens not because we choose the darkness, but because we lack commitment to keep the good deeds in every step of our life. Let us pray that God grants us courage, so that we are committed to doing good deeds and being in the light. AMEN.    

by Bayu Risanto, S.J.
Creighton University's College of Arts and Sciences
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Daily Meditation by(c) 2013 Don Schwager
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