“God has then granted life-giving repentance to the Gentiles too.” 

O God, perfect light of the blessed,
by whose gift we celebrate the paschal mysteries on earth,
bring us, we pray,
to rejoice in the full measure of your grace
for ages unending.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

Today's Reading


Daily Meditation: 

“God has then granted life-giving repentance to the Gentiles too.” Acts 11

"I am the gate.
Whoever enters through me will be saved.
I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” John 10

It is always wonderful for us to hear how the early community discerned their mission to the gentiles.
It was revealed to them by the Holy Spirit.
God is at work in those who were strangers, so we must include them and serve them.

Jesus describes himself as the gate to the sheepfold.
He is the only way to communion with others in the community.
And, he is the way to everlasting life.

We can reflect on what the Spirit is revealing to us
and ask for the grace to let Jesus be the way for us
to the fullness of life here and to eternal life.

As the hind longs for the running waters,
so my soul longs for you, O God.
Athirst is my soul for God, the living God.
When shall I go and behold the face of God? Psalm 42



God the Father was glorified in the death and resurrection of his Son. Let us pray to him with confidence, saying:

Lord, enlighten our minds.

Father of lights, you bathed the world in splendor when Christ rose again in glory,
- fill our minds today with the light of faith.

Through the resurrection of your Son you opened for us the way to eternal life,
- as we work today sustain us with the hope of glory.

Through your risen son you sent the Holy Spirit into the world,
- set our hearts on fire with spiritual love.

May Jesus Christ, who was crucified to set us free,
- be today our salvation and redemption. 

Closing Prayer: 

Shepherd and spirit of love,
I listen for your voice, warm, familiar and loving.
I hear you call my name as you guide me in life.
Help me always to recognize your voice
leading and guiding me.

Help me also to see the stranger
you lead me to love and serve. 
I beg your Holy Spirit to set my heart on fire.
Like the deer longs for water, I long for you, my God.

May the Lord bless us, 
protect us from all evil 
and bring us to everlasting life. 

Daily Reflection
Of Creighton University's Online Ministries

Can we hear the voice of the shepherd? Does the cacophony of our daily lives, the constant and sometimes overwhelming flood of input we receive drown out the voice of the shepherd?

Jesus, in today’s gospel passage from John, explicitly condemns the false prophets that came before him as thieves and robbers. In our lives today, we also are exposed to many voices, false gods and goals that steal from us the true path God has for us. Christ is the beacon, if only we can hear his voice, because once we do we can indeed have life and have it abundantly. Abundant life is not found in the voices of the world but only in Jesus Christ.

How then, might we more consistently hear the voice of Jesus? One path, rooted in Ignatian spirituality is to focus on listening to the movements of the Holy Spirit within us.  In the first reading from Acts Chapter 11, Peter witnesses to how the Gentiles were given the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is with the grace of the Spirit that we can filter out the noise of the world and hear the call of Jesus, not just in a general way but as our daily partner in our lives and as a companion on our individual pilgrimages.

Whose voice do we hear today? Can we respond “Here I am Lord”?

by Mark Latta
Creighton University's Dean of Dental School
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Daily Meditation by(c) 2013 Don Schwager
Bible Story illustrations by publishing.com 


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