Part of the indignity is to be crucified naked. Jesus is completely stripped of any pride  The wounds on his back are torn open again.  He experiences the ultimate vulnerability of the defenseless. No shield or security protects him.  As they stare at him, his eyes turn to heaven.
I pause to watch the stripping.  I contemplate all that is taken from him.  And, how he faces his death with such nakedness.

I reflect upon how much of himself he has revealed to me.  Holding nothing back. 

As I look at him in his humility, I know that this is for me, and I share my feelings of gratitude.

V. We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you;

R. Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

From Mark chapter 15 vs 24:

They divided up His garments by rolling dice for them to see what each should take.

Just as Christ’s clothing was taken away, so one day will we be separated from all the possessions given to us in life. Nothing we own belongs with us permanently, so we must each be generous with the gifts and talents God gives us.

Dear Jesus, we pray for the youth in our families. Please help them to know that all what is good in them belongs to God. Please help them to use their gifts and talents to work passionately for you. Bless them in their vocations. Help them to stand against the attacks on marriage and family life. Strip them of all vanities in the world that brings temporary pleasure to the body. Help them to build a whole new generation of zealous Christians. We Love you Jesus.


"When the soldiers had crucified Jesus they took his garments and made four parts, one for each soldier; also his tunic. But the tunic was without seam, woven from top to bottom"  (St. John 19.23)

O, my Jesu... chastity!

Robed in the splendor and glory of the Father you came into this world, naked in that beautiful innocence that never left you. And now the soldiers remove your garments, revealing what they hold to be your shame, for flesh was, as it is now, not part of the beautiful dignity of your Person, but the object of shame through the world's violation of it. It is sold, displayed, used, abused, and then discarded.

The mockery of this station is multiplied without number in the world, in every "strip club", in every "X-rated" movie, in every salacious novel pandering to the most base and perverse shadow in the human soul. Did they not strip you for their perverse pleasure, too? Hold you up to laughter, the applause, the satisfaction, the blood-lust of the crowd?

Each time I disrobe anyone with my eyes, in my thoughts ... each time I am "entertained" by the rape of modesty in another ... give me to see you before the wanton gaze of those who used you and abused you and shamed you to their own ends

O, my Jesus ... chastity!  Give me this most beautiful gift of purity ... knowing that whenever I honor the modesty, dignity, and beauty of another ... even the least of them ... I honor you!

O, my Jesus, true God and perfect man, in this mirror of suffering I see you exposed, stripped and exhibited.

Forgive me Lord, forgive me when I have exposed the vulnerability of others.

You came into this world clothed in your Father's glory, wrapped round with His love, and after disrobing you with our shame — after we have had our way with you — we cast you out as just another entertaining and disposable object in our society of ultimately disposable people ...



The soldiers notice you have something of value. They remove your cloak and throw dice for it. Your wounds are torn open once again. Some of the people in the crowd make fun of you. They tease you and challenge you to perform a miracle for them to see. They're not aware that you'll perform the greatest miracle of all!

As a child, sometimes I'm tempted to repeat stories I know are unclean and disrespectful. I sometimes try to act grown up by using crude and bad words.

As an adult, sometimes I repeat stories that are disrespectful of others. I can entertain thoughts that are not clean. Sometimes I give the young people around me a bad example to follow.

Help me to keep myself pure and clean. Help me say things that build up the people around me. Help me overcome worldly desires that I may become more like Jesus. Help me set a good example for others to follow.

My Jesus, stripped of Thy garments and drenched with gall, strip me of love for things of earth, and make me loathe all that savors of the world and sin.


MIt seems that every step to Calvary brought You fresh humiliation, my Jesus. How Your sensitive nature recoiled at being stripped before a crowd of people. You desired to leave this life as You entered it - completely detached from all the comforts of this world. You want me to know without a doubt that you loved me with an unselfish love. Your love for me caused You nothing but pain and sorrow. You gave everything and received nothing in return. Why do I find it so hard to be detached?

In your loving mind, dear Jesus, did You look up to the Father as You stood there on that windy hill, shivering from cold and shame and trembling from fear, and ask Him to have mercy on those who would violate their purity and make love a mockery? Did you ask forgiveness for those whose greed would make them lie, cheat and steal for a few pieces of cold silver?

Forgive us all, dear Jesus. Look upon the world with pity, for mankind has lost its way and the principles of this world make lust a fun game and luxury a necessity. Detachment has become merely another hardship of the poor and obedience the fault of the weak. Have mercy on us and grant the people of this day the courage to see and know themselves and the light to change.

O Jesus, Son of Man, 
who were stripped so as to reveal to us 
the new creation raised from the dead, 
tear in us the veil that separates us from God 
and weave in us your divine presence.
Grant us to conquer fear 
before the events of life 
that strip us and leave us naked, 
and to put on the new man of our Baptism, 
in order that we may announce the Good News, 
proclaiming that you are the only true God 
who guides history. 

1 Our Father 

1 Hail Mary 

1 Glory Be ...

O Jesus Crucified - for us you suffered - for us you died - On the Cross

Daily Meditation by(c) 2013 Don Schwager
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