Jesus' path takes him to a powerful source of his strength to continue.  All his life, his mother had taught him the meaning of the words, "Behold, the handmaid of the Lord."  Now they look into each other's eyes.  How pierced-through her heart must be!  How pained he must be to see her tears!  Now, her grace-filled smile blesses his mission and stirs his heart to its depth.  Love and trust in God bind them together.

V. We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you;

R. Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

From Isaiah chapter 51 vs 3

For the Lord will comfort Zion; He will comfort all her waste places.

How Mary must have grieved to see her Son, Jesus, being led to crucifixion. Our Lady shared the pain with her son, and so she also shares in His triumph over death. Our Saviour gives us this same opportunity.

Mother Mary, only a mother could feel a glimpse of your sorrow that you carried in your heart, as you followed Jesus on the way to the cross. Please give our mothers the grace to have that trust in God, when things go wrong and they have to watch their children or husbands in pain. May all mothers surrender their loved ones totally to God, as you did with your agonising son. We love you, Mother Mary.


"Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, "Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign that is spoken against and a sword will pierce through your own soul also, that thoughts out of many hearts may be revealed."  (St. Luke 2.34-35)

Mary, consummate faithful one! — to the revelation of God and the thoughts of men!

Uttering, "yes", score ten and three years past — at that Annunciation from the One True God, He sealed that "yes" in solemn song upon your lips! Responsory from the Espoused of God! "Yes! Your will be done! Fiat!"

Wearied with sorrow, unforgetting in love, you intone your muffled Magnificat, sublime in your suffering that should have been mine —still magnifying Him in your pain Who magnified you.

Love reflects love, Mother and Son. May I, too, sing my Magnificat with you, not only in joy, but in sorrow and pain. "Your will be done!"

O, Mary! The Beginning and the End now stands here before you ... ! "The Alpha and the Omega. The First and the Last!"

As in the beginning at Bethlehem, so here at the end — He lies before you again, in need, naked and weak, His face in your hands and pressed to your lips!

A Light to everlasting life, a night to everlasting death, He is the beginning and the end once again ...  the beginning that was an end is now the end that is a beginning. There are no dreams in this night, but the fulfillment of all!

From paradox to paradox He passes through the shadow and light in our lives ... ceaselessly bringing us from shadow to light.

But here, in this Station He pauses, for He has succumbed to your grief ...

What did He seek, O Mother, from that storm filled with sorrow? What word did you speak?

It could only be one.

With the same word you welcomed, and now you relinquish, Whom in time and eternity you ever loved most. "Fiat!" ...

"Fiat"... the whispered assent — in the beginning — to the voice of an Angel; "Fiat", the whispered assent — at the end — to the will of the Father ... and the rage of the mob.

Whom you embraced in unspeakable love in your arms ... you now surrender to the clamor and darkness of death.

Daughter of Abraham! You do not hold back whom most you love, but immolate your only begotten in a holocaust of grief commingled with love — and the fire on Moriah is but an ember in your heart, a smoldering wick on the hill of the Place of the Skull where the world will take Him to number all of His bones!

"Mulier, ecce filius tuus! "Woman, behold thy Son!"

O, Mary, daughter of Abraham ... your children are numbered beyond the stars in the vault of the firmament of night, beyond the shifting sands at the edge of the ebb of all tides, beyond the dreams of the Patriarchs who prophesied this night! You surrender the One and in the One receive many ... can you count them, number them through the cavalcade of all time?

Only your love, Mary, verges upon the love of your Son, for your surrender was His, and Hissurrender was yours — Mother and Son surrendered to us, immolated for us in one will.



My Jesus, it was a great sorrow to realize Your pain caused Mary so much grief. As Redeemer, You wanted her to share in Your pain for mankind. When You glanced at each other in unutterable suffering, what gave you both the courage to carry on without the least alleviation - without anger at such injustice?

It seems as if you desired to suffer every possible pain to give me an example of how to suffer when my time comes. What a humiliation for You when Your mother saw you in such a pitiable state - weak - helpless - at the mercy of sinful men - holiness exposed to evil in all hideousness.

Did every moment of that short encounter seem like an eternity? As I see so much suffering in the world, there are times I think it is all hopeless. There is an element of lethargy in my prayers for mankind that says "I'll pray, but what good will it do? The sick grow sicker and the hungry starve. " I think of that glance between You and Mary - the glance that said, "Let us give this misery to the Father for the salvation of souls. The Father's power takes our pain and frustration and renews souls, saves them for a new life - a life of eternal joy, eternal happiness. It is worth it all." Give perseverance to the sick so they can carry the cross of frustration and agony with love and resignation for the salvation of others.


Lord Jesus, 
in our families we too experience 
the sufferings caused to children by their parents 
and to parents by their children. 
Lord, grant that in these difficult times 
our families may be places of your presence, 
so that our sufferings may be turned to joy. 
Support our families 
and make them oases of love, 
peace and serenity, 
in the image of the Holy Family of Nazareth. 

Grant, Lord, 
that we may open ourselves to the action of your Holy Spirit, 
so that he may lead us to the fullness of Truth. 


Jesus, you feel so alone with all those people yelling and screaming at you. You don't like the words they are saying about you, and you look for a friendly face in the crowd. You see your mother. She can't make the hurting stop, but it helps to see that she is on your side, that she is suffering with you. She does understand and care.

As a child, sometimes I feel like too many things are going on. Sometimes other kids pick on me and call me names. I need to look around me for a friendly face, and for the help I need. I need to share my troubles with those who truly care about me.

As an adult I sometimes feel overwhelmed by many things. Life is so competitive, and I worry so much about my future and those who have some control over it. I need to remember that being an adult does not mean having to solve every problem all by myself. I need to look around me for a friendly face, for the help I need.

Jesus most suffering, Mary Mother most sorrowful, if, by my sins, I caused you pain and anguish in the past, by God's assisting grace it shall be so no more; rather be you my love henceforth till death.

1 Our Father 

1 Hail Mary 

1 Glory Be ...

O Jesus Crucified - for us you suffered - for us you died - On the Cross

Daily Meditation by(c) 2013 Don Schwager
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